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RRP Price: £11,760.00

The versatile all-wheel drive GR2120 excels in tough conditions.

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The versatile all-wheel drive GR2120 excels in tough conditions.

Kubota's GR2120 is designed for home and estate owners who require a diesel tractor capable of handling a wider and more demanding range of grass cutting conditions.

Superb levels of power

The new semi-professional Kubota GR2120 tractors are 21 hp, three cylinder diesel  engine machines boasting a number of performance enhancing features over the smaller GR1600.

Outstanding traction across all surfaces

These include all-wheel drive for outstanding traction across all surfaces, wet and dry, together with enhanced safety on slopes. These tractors also have Kubota's revolutionary Glide Steer system which cuts power automatically to the inside rear wheel when the turning angle reaches 70 degrees. By allowing the inner wheel to spin freely while the outer wheel powers the mower through its turn, damage to the grass is avoided while the mower continues cutting effortlessly and tightly around trees, posts and other obstacles. When the turn is completed, drive is restored automatically to all four wheels. The extremely tight turning circle provided by Glide Steer on full lock produces an uncut circle of grass measuring just 110 cm, a very impressive figure for a machine with four driven wheels.

Excellent cutting performance

Other features unique to the semi-professional GR2120 include a 1.22 m (48") width of cut from three rotating blades, a hydraulically-powered deck lift, power steering, a 450 litre capacity grass collector and suspension seat.

A Rear Discharge Deflector is available