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Robotic Mowers

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Why buy your Robotic Mower from Hugh Page?

  • We have a large range of robotic mower models to make sure you get the right robot mower for your needs.
  • We map your garden in store via a google earth lawn planner to ensure we find the right robot to suit your lawn and your bespoke needs.
  • One of our trained staff will come to your property and carry out a consultation of your garden. We will offer full and frank advice as to what the mower can do for you.
  • We can also offer extra installation benefits such as 2 way switches to turn on/off certain parts of the boundary wire, for example to stop the mower cutting daffodils in their flowering season, but to cut the same area when they are out of season at the flick of a switch.

  • Our specially trained staff will install the wires under the surface of the lawn using a cable laying machine, taking extra care in leaving the Robot working to the best of its abilities, also leaving your garden neat and tidy.


  • Once installed we go through the operation of the robotic mower so you can easily make adjustments should you want to, for example, height of cut, time spent mowing, spiral cutting for patchy grass, security pin codes. Subject to model, we spend time calibrating the mower itself to your smart phone or tablet app, showing the user how to use your smartphone in relation to the mower. You can control the mower from anywhere in the world!
  • We register the robot mower for warranty purposes, update the firmware when needed, check the machine via our diagnostic software, to make sure you get the best out of the product and to save you the hassle.
  • On top of all this we are always more than happy to come back in the following weeks after installations to make any small adjustments so you get the best from your Robotic mower.
  • We offer full back up and can carry out servicing and winter storage if required. Hugh Page are dedicated to providing excellent aftercare. The servicing of the robotic mower can involve, collection, cleaning, updating the software, replacing blades and wheel motor brushes, running  tests to make sure the mower is working at its best, storage and reinstallation in the Spring.

What to expect from robotics?

There are many models of Robotic mowers available to suit the size and complexity of virtually any lawn.

Robotic mowers can deal with small lawns and up to 5000m2, this is over an acre. If you have 2 acres, have 2 Robots, the maths work in relation to a large ride on mower or a gardeners wage.

They will also work on all kinds of terrain such as, undulating ground, slopes up to 24.5 degrees, ornate lawns, complex lawns, and open gardens. They can even go through narrow corridors to hidden parts of your garden.

The mower leaves your grass looking fantastic, it will all become a uniformed height and “velvet like” all year round. The Robot cuts the grass so regularly, the grass never has a chance to get long or patchy. There are no clippings to dispose of as it returns the micro cuttings back to the ground to nourish and improve the existing lawn.

Robots can mow at night, or just Monday to Friday, you are in full control of its mowing schedule. It mows in the rain and has a sensor so will come back in and dock in heavy rain.

Honda Miimo HRM 70 LIVE – Forth Grass MachineryIt charges itself as and when required. It has a low power consumption making it very cheap to run. It makes little to no noise so you won’t even notice its there.


Robotic mowers have optional extras such as all terrain wheels for those challenging slopes, docking station housing in case you want to protect your mower from debris from trees etc, maintenance kits to keep the mower clean, wire protection boxes to protect the wires if the robot is in storage.

Please call us or pop into our showroom for more information. We have Robots working here that you can see.

The finish you get on your lawn is fantastic, the fact you do not have to cut the grass yourself makes it even better.

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