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Key to achieving the perfect growing conditions in your garden with the minimum of fuss is finding the right equipment for the job and with the impressively varied range of cultivators available from Honda there is bound to be something to suit your needs. The largest and most powerful of Honda’s compact mini-tillers and ideal for use on larger vegetable patches and flowerbeds, as well as great for allotment work, the F220 aims to strike a perfect balance between manoeuvrability, ease of operation and efficient performance.

Key to the F220’s productivity is its increased working width and depth, with a set of four sturdy digging tines offering a maximum tilling width/depth of 54.5cm/28cm. The F220 is also impressively versatile, with the adjustable drag bar allowing you quickly change the working depth to suit the job at hand. With two hardwearing side discs also included to protect plants and fences from the cutters and any debris thrown up during operation, the F220 can even be used to till and weed between narrowly spaced rows of crops. Another handy feature in this regard is the inclusion of swivelling handlebars which allow you to walk alongside the area you are tilling to prevent unwanted trampling of freshly turned soil. In addition to this the handles also offer a secure, comfortable grip and ease of access to all controls, and even fold away neatly when not in use to save space during storage and transportation. The F220’s low centre of gravity and retractable transportation wheel, furthermore, ensure exceptional manoeuvrability both during operation and while moving your tiller from site to site (or from car to allotment, when this extra mobility can be particularly helpful).

Power, meanwhile, is provided via a hardworking 57cc Honda GX four-stroke petrol engine, featuring an overhead valve design to ensure smooth running performance and increased fuel efficiency. The excellent fuel economy of the engine then combines with the F220’s high capacity 0.67 litre fuel tank to increase run time and save effort otherwise spent on fuel stops, with similar convenience offered from the moment your start working by the user-friendly recoil starter system. Another real boon that this machine offers homeowners is its flexibility, with a variety of optional accessories available to increase the F220’s versatility. The de-thatcher and scarifier attachments, for example, make the F220 a handy lawn care tool as well as a cultivator, while the ridger accessory saves significant time and effort when planting or earthing-up potatoes, tubers and other crops. All of this, as well as a sturdy build designed to offer many years of dependable service, makes Honda’s superb F220 one of the best mini-tillers on the market today.

Product Features

• Powered by a hi-tech 57cc Honda GX four-stroke petrol engine, with an overhead valve design ensuring smooth running power and increased efficiency
• Easy access recoil starter system ensures hassle-free starting every time, while a high capacity 0.67 litre fuel tank is included to save time spent on refuelling
• Equipped as standard with a set of four four-toothed digging tines and two protective crop discs, offering an overall maximum working width/depth of 54.5cm/28cm
• Fitted with ergonomic handles which offer quick access to all controls and swivel to allow you to till between rows of crops without trampling dawn freshly turned soil
• Also featuring a height adjustable drag bar for greater precision, along with a smooth running transportation wheel to help you get the F220 where it is needed
• Compatible with a range of optional accessories for added versatility, including a lawn de-thatcher, a scarifier and a handy ridger tool (all available separately)