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Honda FG201 mini tiller

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The perfect tool for soil work in smaller areas.

As every gardener and farmer knows, soil work is hard work. Turning soil and making sure the ground is aerated properly is essential for producing impressive crops and perfect lawns,  but it’s a tough task, even on smaller plots of land.

Honda’s FG201 automates the entire process so there is no need to break your back shovelling away. The only effort required is pulling the starter cord, and pushing the micro-tiller forward! As the  big brother to the FG110 micro-tiller, the FG201 provides many of the same benefits:  lightweight,  easy to use, and highly versatile.

These machines are perfect for flowerbeds ,and small to medium sized vegetable plots. Powered by a Honda GXV50 OHV mini 4-stroke engine, which is very easy to start and provides excellent torque and fuel efficiency. ​Runs on unleaded fuel so you don’t have to worry about preparing a special fuel / oil mix required by 2 stroke engines. Once running, they are incredibly quiet, and virtually smoke free. Maximum tilling width is 12 inches.

Features include a single speed transmission, which uses a worm gear, providing more torque than the common screw gear type used on most other mini cultivators. This leads to increased efficiency under heavy loads. Supplied with four 4 tooth shredder tineswhich dig and cultivate at the same time, providing excellent results.

Highly ergonomic – transporting the Honda FG201 tillers around the garden is a joy, due to its low centre of gravity for excellent balance, a central carrying handle, and easy folding handlebars for easy storage and transport – simply unfold and tighten for use.

More than just a tiller.

The FG100 can be transformed for various uses by a selection of attachments, including a lawn de-thatcher, a border edger and an aerator. This wide range of additional uses makes the FG110 both a versatile tool and wise investment for the savvy gardener

  • Max tilling width: 300 mm
  • Max tiling depth: 230 mm
  • Forward speeds: 1
  • Forward tool rotation speed: 197 rpm
  • Weight: 17 kg
  • Rotors/ines supplied: 4 x 4 tooth shredder tines
  • Wheels: optional rear transport
  • Border edger: optional
  • De-thatcher/scarifier: optional
  • Aerator: optional
  • Engine: GXV50 4 stroke OHC
  • Engine displacement: 49 cc
  • Engine net power: 1.3 kW / 4,800 rpm
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.35 litres
  • Engine oil capacity: 0.3 litres
  • Starter: recoil
  • Transmission: worm gear
  • Foldable handle: yes